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Presentation of the Sentimento da Dialética Collection

The new time of the world demands that intellectuals assume responsibility for using the force of ideas to understand and transform the world. Philosophers Otília Beatriz Fiori Arantes and Paulo Eduardo Arantes have engaged in criticism as active public intellectuals for more than 50 years, moving between different areas of the humanities and cultural studies, with different audiences, in different places. Reaffirming a sense of collective intellectual production, the Sentimento da Dialética Collection is a space of encounter with the works of Otília and Paulo Arantes, made available in free e-books. Over time, these works have found an increasingly broad and plural audience, made up of Brazilian students, new intellectuals, and activists. And they have contributed to the contemporary movement against the commodification of knowledge, in favour of the commons, in favour of another world.

The Sentimento da Dialética Collection is Copyleft and has an international Creative Commons license for free reproduction, citing the author.

The collection will be continuously expanded to include the complete works of Otília and Paulo Arantes, expected to reach 200 e-books, to be made available by 2023. Publications will be available in five languages, mostly in Portuguese, but with future translations in mind.

The collection is organized into seven categories and three sub-collections, with different document types and file formats:

Categories: Philosophy; Politics; Aesthetics; Architecture and Cities; Visual arts; Culture Studies and Trajectories. Each category adopts a specific colour applied to the cover of the e-book.


E-books: books, chapters, prefaces, articles and interviews (in PDF, EPUB and MOBI/Kindle formats) - with works in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Documents: newspaper articles and interviews, photos and historical documents (in PDF and JPEG formats)

Media: videos or audios of lectures, classes and debates (in MP3 and MP4 formats) associated with the collection channel on YouTube.

In addition to the search for categories and sub-collections, you can perform an open search for words on the website, scanning the metadata of each e-book or document (title, abstract and keywords).

All books in the collection have a digital ISBN and a Digital Object Identifier-DOI, in addition to a new catalogue entry, standardizing and facilitating their indexing by any library that is interested in including e-books in its collection, as long as their public and free access is maintained.

In each e-book, the place and date of the original publication are indicated. By choice of authors, digital books can present the essays in new arrangements or separately, preserving their original content. Most e-books will feature a brief introduction to the context of the work by the authors or guests. The collection will also feature new material.

The Sentimento da Dialética Collection uses open software, the Open Monograph Press-OMP of the Public Knowledge Project-PKP, an initiative by five universities in North America aimed at expanding the movement for Open Science.

The illustration that accompanies the collection is the Anthropophagic Landscape I, by Tarsila do Amaral, 1929 - pencil on paper, 18.0 X 22.9 cm, belonging to the Mário de Andrade Collection of the USP Brazilian Studies Institute. The reproduction of the work was kindly permitted by the family and IEB USP.

The graphic design of the website and collection is by Paula Astiz.

Editorial coordination is by Pedro Fiori Arantes.

Collaborations are welcome. If you have unpublished material, such as videos, photos, interviews, posters, course programs, contact us by email